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Wuhan Hygeianey Biological Technology Co., LTD is a biological high-tech enterprise established by a team of scientists and entrepreneurs of the United States and China. The company focuses on the accurate medical field, with the products covering individualized tumor diagnosis, cancer early screening for warning, the genetic and cardiovascular individualized diagnosis, medical testing services, medical examination analysis instrument and other fields.

The company is a high-tech enterprise in Hubei, possessing the qualification of “Hubei province engineering research center for tumor and hereditary disease translational medicine” and is the undertaking unit for region agglomeration development trial point for the national strategic emerging industries, national development and reform commission, gaining funded projects from National Ministry of Science and Technology, Science and Technology Agency of Hubei province.

The company has the 5000m2 common building, 1500m2 GMP manufacturing shop, awarded the “Enterprise Licence for Medical Device Manufacturing” issued by Hubei province food and drug administration. As a professional precision medical high-tech enterprise, the company stresses on the research and development of independent intellectual property rights technology, having gained over 50 invention patents at home. The company has been widely recognized by counterparts and experts in accurate medical field based on excellent technology, top R&D strength and professional technology services.

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